Stitch & Green Giveaway – Merry Christmas Banner

Sorry to mention the C word before we’ve even had Halloween, but I have a lovely little giveaway running at the moment over on my Instagram, for one of these beautiful “Merry Christmas” banners from Stitch & Green! To find out more and to enter just click here.

What is Stitch & Green?

Stitch & Green is a small company selling beautiful handmade personalised bunting, gifts and cards all created by Sarah, a 36 mum of two from Lymm, Cheshire. Sarah discovered her love of sewing whilst preparing for her wedding and then she started to make things for friends and their children as well. Once her own children were born (she has a boy and a girl), Sarah decided to start to share her work with other people and so Stitch & Green was born!

Image: Stitch & Green

Sarah’s love of sewing is definitely in her blood, passed down from her Nanna and her Mum, and it gives her a “sense of peace and joy” to be able to sew beautiful creations and share them with others. She even uses some of the needles and tools handed down from her Nanna, and her daughter is starting to show an interest in sewing now too, so hopefully the family tradition will continue for years to come!

Image: Stitch & Green

Head over to my Instagram account to enter this lovely competition and to show Stitch & Green some love! Good luck!

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