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Our Top 5 Memories from Just So “Family-Friendly” Festival, 2019

Just So Festival is, without a doubt, the most magical event in our yearly diary! Although this year was slightly more challenging than usual, due to the weather conditions on the Friday, we didn’t let that stop us and had yet another wonderful festival weekend, courtesy of Wild Rumpus, set in the beautiful grounds of Rode Hall near Stoke-on-Trent.

Press Trip – Tickets gifted for review

Why We Love Just So Festival

Just So Festival is the ultimate family-friendly festival, solely dedicated to children and their families, offering a magical, imaginative and unique outdoor experience. It allows you to completely forget about the “real” world and get lost together in a wonderland of literature, arts, theatre, dance, music, comedy, crafts, creativity and more. There is something for everyone at Just So and we truly love every second of it! Yes…even the mud!

Our Top 5 Memories from Just So Festival, 2019

Ghost Caribou leading the Lantern Parade at Just So
1. The Mud

I’ve mentioned it and there’s no hiding from it…unfortunately the rain poured from the skies on the Friday, meaning that conditions were rather muddy on site. However, we’re British, we can cope with rain and as Peppa Pig has taught us all…mud can be fun! The Just So Team (many of them volunteers) were absolutely amazing and kept everything running smoothly. There were queues to get into the car-park unfortunately, as the team were ensuring that every single vehicle got onto the site safely and eventually, by the Sunday the car-park did have to be closed, again for safety reasons but the attitude of all the team and the majority of festival-goers was exemplary…there was no way that anything was going to ruin the wonder and magic of Just So!

Mud, mud, glorious mud!
2. The Spellbound Forest

Our favourite area on the Just So map has to be the Spellbound Forest. We made Clay Faces on trees, became mesmerised by marbles in the Giant Marble Run, helped to create a unique woodland playground with Hammer & Chisel and sat around the campfire enthralled by Ian Douglas‘ stories and Professor Pumpernickel‘s crazy science show. Fabulous!!

Ian Douglas Storyteller at Just So Festival
3. The Music & Dancing

We managed to listen to and dance to many different types of wonderful family-friendly music whilst at Just So this year. At the Footlights stage we made sure to catch one of our festival favourites, Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers and we had a good old boogie to the fabulous Baghdaddies! In the Flamingo Lounge we had a fantastic time reliving our youth and getting down with the kids at the Retro Disco and my Little Miss particularly enjoyed learning new dance moves with Cut A Shine and Remix Reeling.

One musical act that we were desperate not to miss was David Gibb. His catchy family-friendly tunes are even better performed live and he entertained a packed out Woodland Theatre with his lively enthusiasm. You can check out our David Gibb album review here.

David Gibb at Just So Festival
4. The Crazy Bonkers-ness!

Regular followers of my blog will know that our favourite quote and family motto is the line from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland: “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” Therefore, the crazy bonkers-ness of Just So is right up our street! Where else can you see a man with blue hair creating mini explosions in the forest (Professor Pumpernickel), watch a man (Dizzy O’Dare) climbing into a giant red balloon and bouncing around in the middle of a field or witness an amazing strong woman (Charmaine Childs) carrying two fully-grown male audience members on her shoulders?!

Charmaine Childs Strong Woman at Just So Festival
5. The Tribes & Dressing Up

One thing that sets Just So apart from other festivals is the tribes and the Tribal Tournament. Festival-goers are invited to choose a tribe from owls, foxes, frogs, stags, lions, bees or fish and dress-up accordingly. Golden pebbles are rewarded for various things during the festival weekend (fab costumes, winning games, acts of kindness etc) and these are handed in to the Tribal Leaders. The winning tribe is announced at the end of the Wild Rumpus parade on the Sunday evening. Last year we chose the fox tribe and made masks but this year I wanted to make more of an effort so created some fabulous fish costumes which I was quite proud of! It really is amazing how many people embrace this part of the festival whole-heartedly and there are some awesome costumes on show throughout the weekend.

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It’s a good job fish like water because we are going to get very wet!!! 🤣🤣🤣 We don’t care though, cos it’s the most exciting weekend of our year…the fabulous @justsofestival!! (Ad – Press Trip) We have chosen #TeamFish this year…can you tell??!! I made this costume this morning (as you’ll have seen from my stories) and I’m pretty proud of it!! Although I’ve just realised the fish tail bit is made of cardboard on the inside so will get soggy in the rain!! FAIL!!! 🤣 🧜‍♀️🐠 I just hope our tent is waterproof! 🤣 * * * * * #justsofestival @justsofestival @_wildrumpus #festivalseason #familytravel #greatbritishsummer #outfitpost #ukmumsquad #sharethepositivity #ukfestivals #realmumstyle #mummybloggingstyle #ootd #mummybloggeruk #thisisme #mummyfashion #styleandsmile #justso2019 #ukmumsquad #othermothers #festivalfashion #bkualp * #mummygotstyle @mummygotstyleuk @mywardrobe_daily * #fashtagfriday @shellandthelittlies @gingermumstyle @finlay_fox * #feelingfabulousfriday @permanentlyinapickle @justleftmyforties_ * #inthemumstyle @inthemumstyle * #shesgoingoutlikethat #instafashion #positivestylevibes #sassymumsclub #theseclothesmakemehappy #fancydress

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Our Just So Festival Verdict

Just So is “Just So Amazing!” I need say no more – we highly recommend it here in the Typical Mummy family! Just leave your sensible head at home, embrace the magic, use your imagination and enjoy every second…we certainly did!

Just So Festival tickets for next year will soon be available on the Just So website.
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Did you go to Just So this year? What were your favourite memories? Let me know by commenting below!

Disclosure: We were gifted our tickets for Just So in exchange for this review and social media coverage (Thank you Wild Rumpus!) All views and opinions are honest and our own.

Cover photo credit: Chris Payne . All other photos are the property of – please do not use without permission.

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