PARYS MOUNTAIN, near Amlwch, Anglesey

Wow! We had an awesome afternoon at Parys Mountain near Amlwch on Anglesey, – the site of an old copper mine and a truly magnificent place with its barren landscape and amazing views. We spent two and a half hours walking the winding paths, climbing up rocks and down valleys and exploring the chasms and hollows. The area has been used as a film set for several films and it’s easy to see why! We felt like we were post-apocalyptic cowboys on the surface of the moon or exploring the Grand Canyon!!

There are various paths around the mountain and you can download an app on your phone to guide you (although signal up there isn’t great so I’m not sure how well this works!). However, we just decided to create our own route and explore! At times we went off the beaten-track and found hidden caves, amazing rock-formations and breathtaking views! You do need to keep an eye on the kids at all times as there are some extremely steep drops. Our LittleLife Adventurer backpack child carrier proved to be invaluable here as it not only kept Little Miss away from the edges but also meant that her little legs didn’t have to do too much walking and climbing. Bean was a trooper and we only had a couple of moans about tired legs as he was enjoying himself too much!!

Although we did come across a few other explorers we were generally on our own in our explorations as the area is so large, which just added to the beauty of our adventure.

With no opening times, no entrance charge and no queues Parys Mountain is a perfect place to visit and is extremely high in our list of things to enjoy in Anglesey and North Wales! Enjoy looking at our photos (taken on my iPhone!) below!!!

Parys Mountain carpark is just off the B5111 near Amlwch on Anglesey. The postcode is: LL68 9RE


  1. Take plenty of water!
  2. Wear suncream! Even though it was overcast and cloudy my shoulders got sunburnt as there is absolutely no shade.
  3. Take a child carrier if you have one! (If you don’t, I highly recommend the LittleLife Adventurer!)
  4. Wear sturdy shoes.

N.B. All photos taken and edited on an iPhone. All photos are the property of Please do not reuse without permission.



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