Review: Coral Island, Blackpool

This is an advertisement feature – we were invited to Coral Island in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Blackpool has never been somewhere on our “to-do” list but after visiting last weekend when we were invited to review Coral Island, we have definitely changed our minds! It is clear that a lot of money has been spent on rejuvenating and modernising the popular tourist spot so if you’re after some good, traditional family seaside fun then Blackpool is definitely the place to head – and we can highly recommend Coral Island for fun for all the family.

Coral Island is Blackpool’s largest indoor free admission family-friendly attraction with pirate-themed games and rides for all ages to enjoy – and with it being indoors you can enjoy the fun, whatever the weather!


Coral Island is perfectly placed on the Central Promenade, right next to Blackpool Tower, really close to Sea-Life Centre and Madame Tussauds and directly opposite the beach, so it’s the perfect place to go for unmissable arcade fun! We parked at Bonny Street car-park (postcode FY1 5AR) which is a 30 second walk from Coral Island but there are lots of other car-parks in the vicinity.

Slot Machines

Now we’re talking real traditional family fun here! Our kids have never played on slot machines before and although they were slightly young for some of the more difficult ones, the 2p and 10p machines were a definite hit (with Mum and Dad too!) I’m not exaggerating when I say that we spent hours on these machines, putting in our coins, watching them fall and collecting our winnings and tickets. Little Miss (aged 3) was mesmerized and Bean (aged 7) had great fun trying out different tactics and working out the best ways to win! It really was exciting to play and a great activity for all ages to enjoy together. It’s also great value – we probably only spent £5 between the 4 of us and had loads of fun! On most of the slot machines you can earn tickets for playing, which you can then collect and then take to the Prize Desk to claim a prize at the end of your visit.

Camel Derby

This was so much fun, and again it’s something that the whole family can enjoy! Like the traditional Donkey Derby, but with camels, you roll your balls into different coloured holes (red-gallop, blue-canter, yellow-trot) to race your camel along the course. It’s £1 a go and there’s a winner every time who is given a prize ticket to redeem against a cuddly toy. We played 3 times – Daddy won twice, I won once, and a very kind man donated us his winning ticket. 4 winning tickets meant that we could claim a large cuddly toy…and as you can see from the photo below, large definitely means large – Little Miss became very attached to her life-sized husky dog and he now has pride of place on the sofa in our playroom!

Pirates Quest Ghost Train

Bean (aged 7) is quite nervous when it comes to ghosts, ghouls and monsters so I was reticent to take him on the Ghost Train. However, he saw the signs and was desperate to have a go! Little Miss (aged 3) was also desperate to go on so we climbed the steps and boarded our ship. Again, this was traditional fun and we had nothing to worry about! It wasn’t too scary but there were just enough screeches and boos to keep you on your toes. The kids came out feeling very pleased with themselves to have braved the ghostly galleon!

Pirate Flyer

The Pirate Flyer is a high monorail which takes you all around Coral Island, above the crowds. You are given pirate pistols in your carriage to shot at various targets but this is just for fun and actually it’s just as much fun to sit back and do some people-watching! It’s also a great way to spot which attractions you haven’t yet played on.

VR (Virtual Reality) Ride

This is a relatively new addition to Coral Island and Bean loved it. In fact, his first words when removing the VR mask were “Whoahhh! That blew my mind!” That’s high praise coming from a 7 year old!! It’s £3 a go, but definitely worth it!

Family Prize Bingo

I have never fully understood Bingo! I went to a Bingo Hall in Edinburgh once when I was performing at the Fringe Festival and it was so stressful, so I had no idea how the children were going to be able to play – however, we had a go, and I’m so glad we did! The all-new electric play terminals (10p per board) were easy to navigate and are set to autoplay so you never miss a number. Bean and Little Miss both won a board each, and Daddy did too so we were able to exchange our winning tickets for prizes. Free refreshments are served as you play, the staff were so lovely and helpful and the Bingo caller was fab! Great fun!



There are so many games and activities on offer at Coral Island that you will never get bored. Little Miss especially loved riding a dolphin, I really enjoyed a large piano game and basketball shooting (which I was surprisingly good at!) and Daddy and Bean had a competitive match of Air Hockey! All of the games cost a small fee but are definitely worth it and you can earn tickets on most of the games to add to your collection and redeem against a prize from the Prize Desk.


Kids eat free in all of Coral Islands restaurants (one free kids meal per paying adult) all day, every day! We ate in Captain Jack’s Bar & Grill which was fabulous! The atmosphere was really relaxed and chilled out, the food was delicious and great value, and the staff were very welcoming and attentive. Mr J. had the best steak he’s had in ages and the staff were very knowledgeable about my coeliac disease which is always good. And…we even had a visit from Captain Jack himself!



  • ITS LOCATION – With it being so well located, Coral Island is the perfect place to use as your base for a day in Blackpool. The free entrance means that you can come and go as you please – we had a break from the bright lights and went for a run on the beach and climbed up Blackpool Tower before returning to Coral Island for more fun and games.
  • IT’S INDOORS – Coral Island can be enjoyed, whatever the weather. If it’s raining outside you can shelter from the rain and if we have a hot Summer (fingers crossed!!) you can have a break from the sunshine!
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – We spent about £30 on the games and rides within Coral Island but you could spend a lot less than that and still have loads of fun.
  • FRIENDLY, HELPFUL STAFF – Every single staff member that we met was extremely friendly and helpful: in the arcades, manning the rides, in the bingo and in the restaurant.
  • KIDS EAT FREE – There’s not many places where you can get great food for free!
  • GOOD, HONEST, TRADITIONAL SEASIDE FUN – What more can you ask for?

We definitely recommend a visit to Coral Island for a fun family-friendly day out in Blackpool! You can find out more here.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out North East Family Fun’s review of Coral Island here and Tilly Button‘s review here.


  • Anne Fraser

    This brings back memories of seaside fun when I was a girl. It sounds a great way to spend an afternoon especially if its raining. I used to love the slot machines.

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    We were in Blackpool last week, I finally managed to take the children to the seaside town that I enjoyed as a child. So much to see and do here, although we missed the illuminations so might need to arrange another visit for later in the year.

  • Caitylis

    This all looks like so much more fun! Blackpool is somewhere I’ve not visited but somewhere that I hear is great! I’d definitely like to take the family when the toddler is a bit older. I used to love going to beach holidays to all the arcades when I was a kid!
    Caitylis x x

  • Sarah Stockley

    My kids would be in their element there. It does look pretty cool with plenty to do. I have not been to Blackpool since I was a teenager and it is a very long drive away for us but certainly something I’d consider if we were staying overnight.

  • mary louise

    I am so glad you posted this review. Desperate to take a family trip to Blackpool so knowing it has all been revamped now, definitely has urged me to book x

  • Jenni

    I’ve never been to Blackpool before. My boys are obsessed with pirates though and would love anything pirate themed, so I think they might enjoy this.

  • Newcastle FamilyLife

    We have been invited to Coral Island too, hopefully, we will be able to visit later in the year (we are busy wedding planning at the moment). I have never taken my children but it looks like they would have lots of fun x

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