Family Day Out: Anglesey Sea Zoo

We’ve visited Anglesey Sea Zoo a couple of times in the past and always really enjoyed the experience, so we were pleased when they invited us back at the end of the Summer. The Sea Zoo features around 40 tanks, hosting marine life from all around the British Isles and is a great all-weather attraction for a family day out on Anglesey.

Ad/Press Trip: We were gifted 4 tickets to the Sea Zoo for the purpose of this review.

What to See at Anglesey Sea Zoo

Front Room

The Front Room, the first area of the Sea Zoo, shows you what is hiding underneath our piers and harbours and in the Pier Tank you can try to spot camouflaged flatfish who are joined by grey mullet. Also in this area are the rather ugly looking wolffish and lumpsuckers in a cold water tank and a large open tank houses adult spiny lobster which my children love to watch!

Lobsters at Anglesey Sea Zoo
No Bone Zone

Walking past a crashing wave tank, filled with plumose anemones, takes you into the No Bone Zone where you can see starfish, anemones, sea urchins, octopus and beautiful moon jellyfish. I especially enjoy this area as I love watching the fascinating jellyfish floating around – it really is a stunning sight!


Another favourite area of ours is the Shipwreck where you can walk through an imaginary shipwreck, home to conger eels, baby lumpsuckers, corkwing wrasse, tompot blennies and the venomous weever fish which hide under the surface of the sand, waiting to snatch their prey!


We love to see the beautiful seahorses swimming around and learn about the lifestyle and reproduction of these fascinating but vulnerable creatures, and the threats they face in the wild. They really do seem like something out of a fairy-tale rather than real-life creatures!

Shark and Ray Pool

The Shark & Ray Pool may sound scary but thankfully there are no large predators bearing their teeth at Anglesey Sea Zoo. Instead you can spot small-spotted catsharks and nursehounds swimming under the grids beneath your feet who share their tank with some rather large skates too.

The Big Fish Forest

I could spend hours in the Big Fish Forest being hypnotised by the silvery sea bass and gilthead bream swimming around the large floor-to-ceiling tank and watching the large spider crabs going about their daily business!

Fish Forest
Rock Pools

The final area of the aquarium is the Rock Pool area where you can get close to the colourful beadlet anemones and try to spot any little blennies hiding amongst them.

Conservation at Anglesey Sea Zoo

Anglesey Sea Zoo is committed to conservation and preservation. In the Lobster Hatchery you can view tiny baby lobsters who’ll eventually be released back into the sea and you can learn more about the lobster lifecycle. There are other breeding areas too where you can see other juvenile animals as part of captive breeding and release programmes. The Sea Zoo also runs conservation and education programmes and organises regular beach clean-ups. Around the aquarium are displays educating us on environmental awareness…especially the use of plastic. I was pleased to see that in the Sea Zoo Café there are no plastic straws – sell reusable metal ones as well as reusable coffee mugs!

Café at Anglesey Sea Zoo

There is a lovely little café, The Rockpool Café, where you can enjoy a light snack or a full meal, with hot and cold drinks on offer. There is a great children’s menu and, as a coeliac, I was pleased to see gluten free choices available. Next to the café is the Gift Shop which is stocked to the brim with souvenirs, toys, confectionery, gifts and local produce.

Entering Anglesey Sea Zoo

Adventure Playground at Anglesey Sea Zoo

Outside the Sea Zoo is an Adventure Playground, a large bouncy castle with a slide and a crazy golf course – all for free!

Our Verdict:

We love visiting the Anglesey Sea Zoo! It’s a small attraction but a good one, and definitely great for all those rainy days as well as sunny ones. We’ll definitely be back again in the not too distant future!

You can find out more about Anglesey Sea Zoo and view the opening times and admission prices by visiting their website here.

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