An Acrostic of Outdoor Activities for Kids this February Half Term!

“Acrostic: A poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.”

– Google Dictionary

We usually head over to Anglesey in February Half Term to relax and get some much needed sea air. However, this Half Term we have decided to stay at home – over the past few months we have had major house renovations which are very nearly finished, so we will be spending the Half Term week sorting the house out, properly moving back in and getting ourselves settled. Those of you who know me well will know that the whole idea is currently overwhelming me – I get stressed about packing and unpacking a suitcase for a weekend away, never mind having to think about a whole house – so I will be needing lots of breaks and fresh air to keep me going. The kids will also need to let off some steam and have some fun as I anticipate hearing the words, “I’m bored” at least once an hour, if not more!

You will have noticed that I recently wrote a post about different activities to get the kids outdoors in Winter. However, I thought it would be fun to write a post specifically aimed at February Half Term, using the letters of February Half Term to create an acrostic, so I asked other bloggers to help me with ideas! This is what they came up with…

  • Frozen Fun
  • Explore
  • Bug Hunting
  • Rock Pooling
  • Umbrella Fun
  • Animal Alphabet Hunt
  • Rock Painting and Hiding
  • Yurt
  • Hide and Seek
  • Astronomy
  • Lunch Outside
  • Footprint Hunt
  • Trail After a Gruffalo
  • Eat From the Wild
  • Rain Paintings
  • Muddy Puddle Walk

Frozen Fun!

Jenny from “Monkey and Mouse” suggested having fun with ice, especially as the weather is so cold at the moment. She suggested examining how it’s been created or leaving items filled with water (such as balloons) outside to freeze into different shapes. You can also leave a tray of water outside overnight, filled with berries, leaves etc. which will have turned into a beautiful frozen masterpiece by morning.

A Frozen Ball of Ice


Ian at “Dad’s Delicious Dinners” shared this recent post about how winning a fitness tracker watch in a raffle encouraged his daughter to get out of the house and explore their local area with him. They had lots of adventures together and really bonded with each other.

We love to explore – most weekends you can find us exploring someplace or another as a family!

Bug Hunt

Jade from “Jade’s Journey” suggested a Bug Hunt which took me back to the Summer when we went bug hunting with the RSPB at Timber Festival. My son absolutely loved it so this is definitely an activity we will be trying again! It will be interesting for him to compare the different bugs in Summer and Winter.

Bug Hunting with the RSPB

Rock Pooling

Unfortunately there aren’t many rock pools in Staffordshire, but if we were in Anglesey this is definitely something we’d be doing this Half Term holiday! Lyndsey from “Me, Him, the Dog and A Baby” lives only a 20 minute drive from a beach and wrote this post about rockpooling with her husband and young daughter, Erin.

Image from: “Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby

Umbrella Fun

Natalie from “Plutonium Sox” came up with this great idea for a dull and rainy February and shared this fantastic photograph. My son and I love dancing and singing in the rain!

“Singing in the rain. Just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling – I’m happy again!”

Umbrella Fun
Image from: “Plutonium Sox

Animal Alphabet Hunt

This idea came from Lisa at “The Family Ticket” who suggested taking a trip to your local zoo and trying to find a different animal for every letter of the alphabet! Sounds fun…I wonder if you could complete the whole 26!

Rock Painting and Hiding

The rock painting craze has become so popular over the past couple of years. You may remember me mentioning it in this post back in the Summer, but it is an activity that can be enjoyed in any season. Jo from “A Rose Tinted World” painted some simple ladybirds with her daughter but you can find lots of different ideas by doing a quick Google search – or just use your imagination! Check out my post for hints and tips.


I was struggling to come up with an idea for Y but then Jen from “Just Average Jen” suggested staying overnight in a yurt and bonding as a family and I though that sounded like a great adventure. I initially thought it sounded like a rather cold idea for February but after reading a post on “5 Reasons to Go Glamping in Autumn and Winter” by Katy from “Otis and Us” I’ve changed my mind!

Yurt - Otis and Us
Image: “Otis and Us

Hide and Seek

Everyone’s favourite outdoor game was suggested by Eliza from “My Everything Beautiful” who also suggested hopping along a trail which sounds fun and something that would wear the kids out quickly, ready for bedtime!


For the second A in this acrostic post, Sundip from “Mummy Owl” suggested astronomy. Jenni from “The Bear and the Fox” also suggested stargazing would be a good activity – just remember to wrap up warm!


Lunch Outside

Inspired by an idea from Kat from”Raising Harry,” L is for ‘Lunch Outside.’ You may think February is too cold for a picnic but at the beginning of November we had a picnic barbeque in Anglesey which was great fun – and the weather was fabulous!

Footprint Hunt

In her “We’re Going On a Footprint Hunt” post, Kerry from “Blissful Domestication” describes how to make plaster casts of animal footprints and it looks like great fun! All you need is water, plaster of paris, a measuring cup, a container, lollipop sticks, plastic rings from plastic bottles, a bag to bring back your casts and, of course, some animal footprints. This is definitely something that we will try on one of our country walks this Half Term.

Animal Footprints
One of the footprints that Kerry and her children found.

Trail After a Gruffalo

“Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo!” The Forestry Commision have various Gruffalo trails in deep dark woods across England. Our nearest Gruffalo orienteering trail is at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire so, inspired by a suggestion from Sarah at “Boo Roo and Tigger Too” we will be visiting there very soon! You can find your closest Gruffalo trail here.

Eat From The Wild

I must admit, I was a little dubious when Jade from “Jades Long Journey” suggested this. -We’ve collected blackberries from the wild and vegetables from Granny’s veggie patch but apart from that, I wouldn’t have felt too confident with the children eating things from the wild unless I was absolutely sure what it was and that it was safe. However, then I found this article from the Woodland Trust entitled “Foraging in February” which gives suggestions (and pictures) of early spring plants and winter fungi to look out for. They do an article on foraging for every month which is very useful!

Dandelions are really common and easy to identify.
The plant is slightly bitter but all parts are edible, both raw and cooked.

Rain Paintings

Louise from “Thimble and Twig” suggested this fabulous activity using watercolour paper, acrylic paints and rain! In her post on “Nature Valentine’s Crafts for Kids” she said: “Cut your watercolour paper into hearts and dot acrylic paint around the heart. You can use variety of colours – light and dark colours work best. Wait until it is lightly raining or it has rained heavily and there is wet grass on your lawn or in a park. Take your watercolour paper hearts and lay on wet grass on out in the light rain. (NB: I’ve not tried this on any patio or pavement so it might be best to stick to grass to reduce staining.) Watch the paints bleed together and blend to make new colours.” Just look at her beautiful creations…

Image: “Thimble & Twig”

Muddy Puddle Walk

Louise also suggested a Muddy Puddle Walk which is something we love! My kids jump in every puddle they see – whatever they are wearing! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to clean muddy wet school shoes and have to dry them on the radiator for the next morning! Louise says, “They are only so little for such a short time and so why not let them have proper ankle deep adventure in mud?!” and I totally agree. Mud, mud, glorious mud…Fabulous!!

Image: “Thimble and Twig

Will you be trying out any of these activities over Half Term or do you have any other favourite outdoor activities? Feel free to comment below! If you want some more inspiration for Half Term head over to “Mummy2twindividuals” and check out her post on ” Half Term Ideas: A-Z of Budget Family Friendly Activities to Keep Kids Entertained.”

You can find various outdoor activities in my post, “10 Activities to Get the Kids Outdoors This Winter” and if you have adventurous kids you may want to check out my “Gifts for Adventurous Kids” post too.

N.B. All photos on this site are the property of unless otherwise stated. Please do not re-use without permission. Thank you!

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