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David Gibb’s new album, Rolling Down the Road is released today (23rd August 2019) and if you’ve been looking for child-friendly music that all the family can enjoy then the search is finally over! We’ve been fans of David Gibb for some time now – his awesome track Teddy at the Disco is a firm favourite in our family and all four of us know all of the words…yes, even Daddy! There isn’t a car journey that goes by without my 3 year old requesting “Put David on please Mummy” (it seems she’s on first name terms with him!) and although most children’s CDs leave me wanting to drift off, switch off, or scream out loud after the first few songs, I’m quite happy to put on a David Gibb album on repeat for a whole car journey…in fact, I find myself merrily singing along to the catchy tunes when the children aren’t even in the car!

David Gibb & Typical Mummy
David Gibb & “Typical Mummy”
(Please excuse the horrendous lack of make-up!)

David Gibb started his musical career on the UK folk scene (he was a finalist of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award 2011) and the folk genre is still recognisable in many of his songs. However, he successfully experiments with other genres too, with jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, country and reggae being other obvious influences. I challenge anyone to listen to his tunes and not tap your toes, clap along or stand up and have a good old boogie!

One thing that really impresses me about David’s songs is his clever, catchy and creative lyrics. He is able to capture a child’s imagination in just a few lines and calls out to the inner-child within all of us. His new album, Rolling Down The Road takes us on a lyrical journey through fields of sunflowers, onto the top deck of a bus, into caves, under bridges, into a tree house, floating down a river, through long green grass and more. A wonderful adventure!

David Gibb CDs
Our Favourite Tracks from David Gibb’s Rolling Down The Road

It’s difficult to pick our favourite songs from the new album as they are all fabulous but we’ve narrowed it down (with difficulty!) to: Sunflower with its summery vibes; The Thing About Bats which is extremely catchy and has taught me more about bats in 3 minutes and 23 seconds than I’ve learnt in 36 years; the bedtime song, Please Leave The Light On which actually makes me quite emotional; A Song For A Friend which sums up good friendships perfectly, whatever your age (“You are the sunshine in my cloudy sky, you’re my umbrella you know you keep me dry, we go together just like fish and chips I guess what I’m trying to say is I love you to bits”) and Riding On The Top Deck Of The Bus which is perfect to sing along to.

David Gibb at Just So Festival
David Gibb performing at Just So, 2019
David Gibb Performing Live

We were lucky enough to see David perform live, last weekend at the fabulous Just So Festival, and he is such a wonderful entertainer. His infectious enthusiasm had the audience buzzing and he packed out the “Woodland Theatre” with fans both new and old. You can also have the chance to see him performing live in his new stage show, devised alongside best selling children’s author Michelle Robinson. The show opens at the Half Moon Theatre in London at the end of September and is based around the songs and music from his new album, featuring David as the lead performer alongside other guest musicians. The show will then tour the UK and you can find out more here.

Head over to the shop at the David Gibb Website to buy the new album (you won’t regret it), one of his previous albums (which are also brilliant) and other memorabilia. It all comes with a 5 star recommendation from the Typical Mummy family…Enjoy!

Disclosure: We were gifted a “Rolling Down The Road” Special Edition Bundle (album, t-shirt, badges, stickers, postcard) in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.

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