In Sickness & In Health…!!!

Ok, here’s a soppy, rather self-indulgent Mummy post! Life hasn’t always been easy for me. My body pretty much hates itself a lot of the time and I spent a good 10/15 years pre-diagnoses fighting to live a “typical”, “normal” day-to-day life (but boy did I fight hard because I don’t give in that easily!!!!) Eventually, diagnoses started filtering through, one by one (my thyroid hates me, gluten despises me, I have pernicious anaemia and severe brittle asthma to name but a few) and then just before the birth of my youngest we found out that my adrenals don’t like me very much either and are “insufficient” so now it’s all linked together as polyglandular auto-immune type 2. I am now on the correct medication. You would never know there was anything wrong with me on a daily basis, I am able to be the vibrant, energetic full-of-life person that I want to be!! Yes, I have bad days but I fight them hard, don’t give in easily and have learnt to listen to my body!!!! HOWEVER, the reason for this post is this…my amazing parents & sister and super-supportive hubbie (who really did sign up for “in sickness and in health”) have kept me going when times have been tough and I am forever grateful as I would not be here without them BUT my body may not work right and may hate me at times but it can’t hate me that much and certainly did something right as it rewarded me with the most AMAZING children a Mummy could ever ask for and I tell you what, THAT is what keeps me going on rough days. They grounded me, gave me focus and make me proud every minute of every day.

There are people on this Earth an awful lot worse off than me, my “problems” are a drop in the ocean and incomparable to theirs and I am so SO lucky to have the life I have. An amazing family, a wonderful husband (thank you SO much darling I love you bigger than the sky!), a great job (which I love!) and the most FABULOUS kids who I love more than life itself, so…thank you body! You did something right (eventually!!!!!!)😊

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